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What is Vision Therapy?

Vision Therapy (VT for short) works to build a stronger connection between the brain and the eyes. Often times, vision disorders can go undetected in school vision screenings and comprehensive eye exams. When learning and developmental delays occur, parents and teachers usually don’t think about the eyes as a possible concern. Our Vision Therapy program works to develop age-appropriate eye teaming skills, which can reduce headaches & eye strain, improve focusing & attention, and increase reading speed & comprehension levels.

Who needs Vision Therapy?

  • Children who struggle with learning due to delays in vision development
  • Children who avoid reading, struggle with homework, or have frequent headaches
  • Children who can’t focus on tasks for very long or lose their place easily.
  • Patients of any age with eye teaming problems such as strabismus (eye turn) or amblyopia (“lazy eye”)
  • Patients with acquired brain injuries (head trauma, concussion, stroke, etc.)
  • Adults with reduced visual skills (double vision, headaches, eye strain)
  • Athletes with a desire to enhance visual function
Did you know? "20/20 vision" is only one of 17 visual skills needed to succeed!

How does it work?

After completing initial evaluations, Dr. Ryan will build a customized vision therapy program for you or your loved one that works to build the visual skills necessary for improved classroom and workspace performance. We focus on 17 visual skills and build the program around the areas which need the most work.

What makes your Vision Therapy program unique?

At Eyes on Broadway, we offer a high-tech, computer-based vision therapy program which is sent home between visits. This allows for more independence in completing home therapy than traditional methods. We also have a fun and engaging in-office therapy program designed to meet the patient’s specific visual needs.

Many offices in eastern North Dakota offer vision therapy services. Regardless of where you go, as long as treatment is completed as directed by the developmental optometrist, the patient will experience improvement in skills and/or relief of symptoms.

What should I do if I suspect someone I love needs Vision Therapy?

  1. Comprehensive Eye Exam. Schedule your appointment at Eyes on Broadway, or have your eyecare provider fax your most recent exam to us!
  2. Initial Evaluations. Dr. Ryan will schedule two evaluations with you or your loved one. We will then generate a report of all visual skills and schedule a third consultation appointment to discuss the report and the plan for vision therapy.
  3. Vision Therapy. Appointments are once or twice per week for 30 minutes, and each unit of therapy is 10 weeks long. After the ten-week unit, Dr. Ryan will re-evaluate to determine successes and further areas to improve. Typically, it takes two units of therapy to maximize visual skills, but may be shorter or longer depending on the level of deficiency in each visual skill.
  4. Graduation! Our goal is to maximize visual skills and reduce or eliminate symptoms. When sufficient progress has been made for our patients, we are delighted to see them graduate!

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