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From Our Patients

Haiden, Age 6

I can see better. I can see letter better. I can see far away better. I can read faster. I can write faster. And I like Dr. Ryan because we get to play games!

Haiden's Parents:

Our daughter's reading has improved to grade level that she no longer qualifies for Title 1 Reading assistance halfway through 1st grade. She also wants to read and write more. She also demonstrates improved confidence in reading and writing. Dr. Ryan has created a great rapport with our daughter, and she loves to go to each session with a smile as well as play her "games" at home between sessions.

Hannah, Age 20

I know it may sound odd to say that 10 weeks of vision therapy have changed my life, but they truly have. This summer, I was involved in a car accident and I suffered from a concussion. This was my third diagnosed concussion, but this concussion was unlike any other that I had experienced before. From the very first hour after the accident until starting vision therapy, I woke up with a headache almost every morning and suffered from pain all day long. I couldn't look at a computer, phone, or TV screen for longer than 30 minutes and I couldn't do one thing that had always given me so much joy - reading. Weeks and weeks went by and I kept hoping that one day my symptoms would disappear. Sometimes I honestly just wished for an answer that would explain what was happening with my body and why I couldn't fix it. I spent many days frustrated that nothing that I did helped my condition. I was especially frustrated that I didn't feel like Hannah anymore. I had always been able to work incredibly hard and at a fast pace, but now it felt like I couldn't live up to the standards that I used to be able to reach. Ever since meeting Dr. Ryan the first day, vision therapy has given me hope that one day I would be back at my best and feeling like Hannah again.

The reason why I worked so hard in therapy was because I was so grateful to be given this chance to stop accepting that having a headache every day was just going to be a part of my life. I worked so hard because others around me saw how much vision therapy was helping me, how much happier I was when little aspects of my life started to reshape themselves, and when the pain of the accident was slowly being taken away. Before vision therapy, a normal homework assignment would take me 2 hours to complete; now it only takes me 30 minutes. I can read without having to use my reading glasses that were given to me after my accident, and I can teach my students without having to leave the room to take a break from the noise that would disrupt me and overwhelm me. Vision therapy showed me that I am a fighter and that nothing is too big for me to overcome. There were many times that I was afraid that my condition would affect my ability to become a teacher. Now, I will be graduating soon from college and applying for my first teaching position while being hopeful of what the future holds. Without the unending support that I received from Dr. Ryan, none of my success in vision therapy would've been possible. I am so grateful for vision therapy and I can't thank Dr. Ryan enough. This weekend for the very first time, I just pulled out a book and read and read for what seemed like hours. I hadn't been able to do that in forever and it gave me such joy.

Casen, Age 6

Casen's grandmother:

Casen enjoyed working with Dr. Ryan and Sydney. He was excited to go each week. (Maybe a donut from Sandy's helped a little.) For Casen, the homework was a great mix of fun including work on the computer, paper and pencil sheets, and distance activities. Each activity lasted from 2 to 5 minutes which kept him engaged and motivated. We are excited to see the results as he begins kindergarten this fall.

As a retired kindergarten teacher and reading specialist, I wonder how many of my struggling readers would have reached success sooner if I had known about Vision Therapy for my parents to look into.

Boston, Age 4

Boston's parents:

Since Boston has started vision therapy we have seen him more interested in reading, writing, and wanting to learn. We have noticed Boston doesn't get as frustrated when trying to read or learn something new. He has also shown a lot more interest in writing his name and other small words. We have also seen some improvement in his handwriting and his ability to color within the lines in coloring books. We are excited to see what the next school year brings with the improvements that vision therapy has provided.

Elliot, Age 5

Elliot's mom:

Our son Elliot, started vision therapy with Dr. Ryan at the age of 4½ years old. It was the start of pre-kindergarten and his teacher began noticing that he could not see a marker or pencil outside of his line of vision, his attention span was short, and his fine motor skills were weak. He was having trouble in gym with catching balls and with his spatial awareness amongst others. With the vision concerns we had for Elliot, we met with our ophthalmologist and received a referral to Dr. Ryan. From the start of the initial consultation, to the end of our last session, Dr. Ryan was not only our optometrist for Elliot’s vision therapy, but his advocate. Within two months, at home and at school we started noticing changes in Elliot. His focus was stronger, his attention span was longer, and his awareness of others was increased. Through Dr. Ryan’s professionalism, competency, and empathy, Elliot’s wold in which he saw things started changing dramatically. Vision therapy strengthened Elliot’s eyes to be stronger and focus more correctly. It has helped with his fine motor skills and attention, and more importantly, his confidence. Vision therapy is not an easy task. It takes time, dedication, and commitment. Dr. Ryan gave us the tools to incorporate vision therapy into our daily routine, and make it fun for Elliot. The future for Elliot is undoubtedly bright, because of vision therapy and all of the staff at Eyes on Broadway. We are forever grateful.

Isaac, Age 8

Vision Therapy has helped me to read better and really helped my memory. My favorite thing has been I am now able to catch a small ball and this makes me happy. I now love to play catch.

Isaac's mom:

I am amazed with the changes we have seen in Isaac over a short period of time. Isaac is profoundly dyslexic so we knew Vision Therapy wouldn’t “fix” this, but it has made it much more manageable. Since starting Vision Therapy, we can now play catch with a small ball (he was never able to see the small ball as it neared his face). His short term memory has vastly improved because his brain is beginning to trust what it sees. He no longer reads most of his words from right to left - we are now going in the right direction. His teachers and outside dyslexia tutor have also noticed a difference. As a mom I would say the single greatest thing to come out of Vision Therapy thus far is Isaac’s increase in self-confidence. I can’t wait to see even more results.

Harlo, Age 6

Harlo's mom:

Eye therapy has changed my daughter’s world. She can read write, & learn things a million times better. Dr. Ryan is amazing! He makes Harlo feel so special & she looks forward to going to therapy. The $50 incentive is so motivating for her to do her lessons daily & give it her all. The lessons change weekly, so she never gets bored. The staff is so friendly and welcoming. Thank you so much to Eyes on Broadway! They truly are the best!!

Gus, Age 6

I like vision therapy because it is helping my eyes. It is helping me learn for my eyes to concentrate. I like going to my appointments and seeing Dr. Ryan and playing games. I feel super duper good that I was able to see in 3D! I like spending time with Dr. Ryan too.

Gus’s mom:

When we first learned that our son Gus was having a problem with his eyes, we naturally had questions and concerns. His teacher at school reported the problem first, she told us that at the end of the school days, his eyes were crossing and turning inward. Then Gus started reporting headaches almost daily. We took him to see Dr. Ryan and learned Gus’s eyes weren’t working together the way they should be.

We started Vision Therapy and Gus had weekly visits with Dr. Ryan. They played games and worked hard on his eyes each week. Gus did regular homework at home on the computer, as well as “fun” worksheets in between visits. He complained some about the computer program, but he was very excited when he would receive a star in his performance review! Finally, a few weeks before unit 1 of therapy ended, Gus saw in 3D for the first time! It was very exciting for him and us! He was so proud of himself!

We are excited about the progress Gus has made so far and we hope his eyes will continue to get better and better as he continues Vision Therapy! Thank you so much for working with Gus and helping “his eyes get better”!

Blake, Age 13

Vision Therapy has changed my life because now I can read faster and my eyes don’t get as tired. It helped because when I’m reading my eyes will unfocus but now they don’t do it as much. Vision therapy has also helped me at school. We use computers at school and now that my eyes can focus better, looking at the computer screen for homework isn’t as hard. Vision therapy strengthened my eyes and this has bettered my life. Even though it was hard and very, very difficult at times I had Dr. Ryan helping me the entire time. I am very grateful to everyone else who helped me and I am grateful I completed Vision Therapy!

Blake’s mom:

Vision therapy has helped my son be able to track what he is reading, which has helped to speed up his reading. Vision therapy has helped my son have more confidence while reading. Thank you for helping improve my son’s life.

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