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Vision Therapy

Vision therapy is a highly effective non-surgical treatment regimen for learning-related vision disorders. We treat focusing problems, tracking problems, wandering or lazy eyes, visual processing challenges, and more. We also treat patients struggling with neurological conditions such as concussion, stroke, and acquired brain injury. Most people, especially children, don’t realize their underlying visual condition may be affecting their daily life. Our state-of-the-art vision therapy suite utilizes traditional therapy and the latest in technology, including computerized vision therapy programs.

Our goal in vision therapy is to reduce your symptoms and help you complete tasks faster and more accurately, all while using less energy.

Have you ever thought…

  • “If only my child would pay more attention”
  • “If only my child would stay focused on a task”
  • “If only my child would try harder in school”
  • “If only my child would sit still in class”
  • “If only my child had more interest in reading”
  • “If only homework wasn’t such a battle”

Vision therapy can help!

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