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COVID-19 Re-Opening Policies

Re-opening Policies

* Ongoing assessment & monitoring rates of infection locally per ND state website (by owner)

* Patient Screening:

** All pts will be called prior to appointment and asked the following “Patient Screening questions”. Notation to be made on scheduler when this is done (ie: “Covid ?s neg”)

In the past 14 days:

*** Have you traveled away from home?

*** Have you been exposed to anyone with a positive COVID-19 test?

*** Have you had a fever (temperature over 100)?

*if any answer is “yes”, patient will be rescheduled for a later date

*** Anyone scheduled to visit the office will be asked to bring a mask or face-covering for themselves. No non-patient children allowed in clinic.

** Upon entering the office, staff will screen each patient using the following methods:

*** Temperature check

*** Re-ask the patient screening questions above, if it’s been more than 24 hours since patient/customer was last asked.

* Healthy Workforce/Staff Screening:

** Temperature check before starting each work day

** Staff to answer each of the “patient screening questions” each day and remove themselves from the workforce if answering “yes” to any.

* PPE/Protection strategies:

** Staff should avoid touching their face and any other unnecessary surface.

** Staff are to be diligent with handwashing – to include (but not limited to): start of the day, after touching face or mask, between each patient, after using the bathroom, before and after eating and at the end of day.

** Staff will wear a barrier mask during patient contact within 6 feet. Care should be taken to limit touching/adjusting the mask during the work day. Cloth masks are to be laundered daily or sooner if soiled.

** Staff who do not have close patient contact (within 6 feet) may elect to wear a mask if they choose. Coughs and sneezes will be covered at all times, regardless of mask wear.

* Facilities:

** Limit physical contact while in the office –

*** Routine patient schedule will be reduced, determined weekly

*** Limit 1 adult to accompany any patient.

*** No children who are non-patients in store.

*** Nobody allowed to wait in lobby area

*** Social distancing during in-office interactions is expected

** Signs posted on exterior doors to notify public/patients of restricted access and including the screening questions

** Office set up:

*** Optical tables at least 6 feet apart.

*** No cups, newspapers, books, magazines, etc in public areas.

* Cleaning:

** All door handles will be cleaned at the beginning and end of business day and every one hour between.

** Desk/table, phone & keyboard surfaces will be sanitized morning, noon & end of day.

** Exam instruments to be cleaned between patients, including any surface touched by the patient or their accompanying adult.

** Eyeglass frames in contact with customers will be washed with soap/hot water and dried with a fresh paper towel before next customer contact.

Supplies: Will maintain supply of disinfectant wipes/cleaner & masks. Staff to notify owners if low supply is noted.

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